Cased Peristaltic Pumps

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Series 150 peristaltic150DP series peristaltic pump dispenser

Hand held or wall mount, the fully programmable electronically controlled Williamson Pumps 150DP series peristaltic pump dispenser has been developed for scientific applications where precision and versatility go hand in hand. Use the 150DP dispenser to transfer a precise amount of reagent directly from your reservoir to your application. Minimize waste- prime back to your reservoir and aspirate back any unused reagents.More...   Buy

200 Oneshot200 Oneshot - low cost dose dispensing/filling cased pump

These low cost units come as standard with plug top power supply with 1.8m jack lead and all use the standard 200 series mini-pump head, which can be supplied fitted with Silicone, Santoprene™, or Viton® tubing in a variety of sizes to suit virtually any application regardless of chemical compatibility. More...Buy

200 Aquadoser cased dosing pump200 Aquadoser cased dosing pump

Pump reliability and performance are critical to dosing pump users. Whether it is water recirculation or replenishment, for nutrient dosing, or mineral/pH adjustment, users need to depend on the pump for accurate dosing and long term reliability. More...Buy

200 CM variable speed cased pump200 CM variable speed cased pump

These pumps are low cost, compact and ideal for a wide range of low pressure dosing duties. The units are prewired for simplicity of installation and all use the standard 200 series mini-pump head, which we can supply fitted with Silicone, Santoprene, or Viton tubing in a variety of sizes to suit virtually any application regardless of chemical compatibility. More...Buy

LDS4 programmable dosing pumps200 Cased Pumps- LDS4 clock timer controlled

Thousands of our original LDS and LDS2 units are in use worldwide giving dependable service dosing drains and grease traps, urinals, in film processors, and many other dosing applications requiring reliability and ease of use. Due to the range of tubing materials available the unit can be used in a great variety of applications. More...Buy

200 Stepper Motor Pump200 series Stepper Motor Cased Pumps

The 200 series, mini range of stepper motor driven peristaltic pumps offer a compact, accurate and reliable means of dosing a wide range of liquids. They are available in various configurations of tubing type/ID bore, have quiet in operation long life brushless motors and can be supplied in cased versions. More...  Buy

300 Cased Pump300 series Conventional & Stepper Motor Cased Pumps

The 300 series of pumps offer extremely long tube life because of their low friction needle bearing rollers and unique tube cantering roller cage. Coupled to this the motor gearboxes are built with ball bearings throughout which also offers exceptional longevity. More...  Buy

810 cased pump810 Cased Pumps

This range of low cost cased pumps which utilise the popular 810 OEM pump are available in a range of AC and DC motor options and various tube size combinations delivering flow rates as high as 987 ml/min. They are ideal for wall mounting, self priming up to 29 ft. (8.8m), can be run dry continuously and are non-siphoning. More...Buy

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