Peristaltic Pumps Series 300

Supplied as Pump Head only, or with AC Shaded Pole or Stepper Motors

series 300 pump head

The 300 series range of peristaltic pumps has been designed to offer the OEM a low cost means of dosing a wide range of liquids at higher volumes (100 microlitres – 1000 ml/min) than the mini & micro pumps. As with all peristaltic pumps they have excellent suction performance, are self priming up to 5 metres from dry and capable of pumping up to 10 metres pressure. Peristaltic pumps offer a good level of accuracy and repeatability and as only the tube contacts the pumped media, they are corrosion resistant, easy to clean, extremely reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

Additionally the 300 series of pumps offer extremely long tube life because of their low friction needle bearing rollers and unique tube centering roller cage. Coupled to this the motor gearboxes are built with ball bearings throughout which also offers exceptional longevity. A special chemical resistant version is also available that uses polypropylene tube fittings.

The pumps are supplied in three standard tubing materials (Silicone, Santoprene and Viton) with others available on request.

The 300 series is available with Stepper motors and drivers, both open frame and cased versions.


The 300 series is available with Brushed DC motors for volume orders (contact our office for details).

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